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I am African American woman, age 66.

I feel Mattress Firm mistreated me either due to my age and/or race. On July 16, 2009, I went to a mattress store in Houston, Texas insured by Zurich. The mattress store directed me to file a personal injury claim at Zurich; regarding my injury; I was tripped by a hazardous extension cord; streaming across the sidewalk; at the store entrance. [The extension cord was connected to a balloon to advertize.]

After two emergency room visits, several medical appointments, several x-rays, a MRI, and pain management services; two orthopedic surgeons stated that my injury is a permanent disability. Further, the two surgeons recommended SURGERY to repair the permanent damages; unfortunately surgery may not remedy the fractures and torn ligaments. I am adamantly against having surgery.

I have incurred over $20,000 in medical expenses, which Zurich refuses to pay. Zurich has access to the store's surveillance camera, but they continue to mistreat me either because of my race or my age. After 6 months, they continue to ask me the same repetitive questions:

Why did I go the store?

Did I have an existing injury?

What were the weather conditions, the day I was tripped by the hazardous extension cord; streaming across the sidewalk; at the store entrance?

I contacted the Zurich's Corporate Officers: John Furrow, Bill Mcnulty, Mason Spong, and Donald Gates to complain about five employees James Thomas, Vickie Jacobson, Melissa Moore, and Kathy Rose, who do not respond to my messages (phone, email, or fax). When they do respond, they are very hostile and confrontational. One day, after I complained to Zurich's Corporate Officers my personal injury claim was denied.

Review about: Zurich Insurance Group Claim.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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